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Nonprofit Information

The Center for Societal Aspiration is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating vulnerable members of our community. The CSACO will currently serve individuals facing challenges such as addiction, homelessness, or poverty. Our organization offers a comprehensive range of programs encompassing Health & Human Services and Career Services. Harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile technology, we deliver an intensive and personalized approach to care while providing access to an array of healthcare professionals and career mentors.

Nonprofit Name

"Center for Societal Aspiration and Corporation" is our organization's legal name.

"Center for Societal Aspiration" is our organization's doing business as name.

"CSACO" is our organization's abbreviation.

Our Mission

To foster growth in the livelihood of individuals and their societies while nourishing a healthy, conscientious, and

equitable relationship between a society and all its people.

Our Vision

Until everyone is able to access their human health potential and live their purpose.

Until every society is designed for the prosperity of all people.

Our Philosophy of Care

Our care will always be based in cultivating prosperous individuals and societies, while prioritizing agency, privacy, and equity.  Our care embodies a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary model, evidence and data-based practices, and a stakeholder approach.

Our Methodology

Human Development: Nurture self-sustainability through our Health & Human Services. Provide opportunities for individuals to fulfill their purpose through our Career Services.

Community Development: We equip and collaborate with community systems and institutions to establish and uphold structures that foster healthy human development.

Socially Driven Technology: Through a human and community-centered lens, we leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate, streamline, and enhance interventions, prioritizing agency, privacy, and equity.

Humano Maximus Initiative

A personalized health and career development platform, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile technology, is designed to address how trauma and other experiences affect various aspects of our well-being by providing real-time insights into users' well-being progress, personalizing health interventions with evidence-based practices to foster self-sustainability, and assigning one-on-one access to various types of healthcare professionals and career mentors. Humano Maximus initiative seamlessly integrates 15 comprehensive programs, each specifically dedicated to either Health & Human Services or Career Services.


Health & Human Services focuses on unlocking human health potential, offering Mental Health, Nutritional Health, Hygienical Health, Physical Health, Financial Health, Medical Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health, Ethical & Moral Health, Household Health, and Digital Health programs.

Career Services focuses on equipping individuals to live their purpose, offering Career Exploration, Career Development, Career Initiatives, and Career Mentorship programs.

Our Organization Structure

Center for Societal Aspiration and Corporation (CSACO) (commonly known as "Center for Societal Aspiration") is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and the parent organization of for-profit subsidiaries. CSACO owns and operates a social enterprise and for-profit subsidiary known Humano Maximus, LLC. (HUMX) (commonly known as "Humano Maximus").


CSACO focuses on serving vulnerable populations in our community to guide them on a healing journey.

HUMXS is dedicated to serving the broader public with a health-focused prevention approach and is currently

in the Research and Development stage.

Audited Financials

Coming January 2025

Annual Reports

Coming January 2025

IRS Determination Letter

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