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Our Founder

The Center for Societal Aspiration (CSACO) arose from a journey of healing from prolonged trauma due to experiencing the livelihood of those often regarded as less than human. 

The Beginning 

"Since he was little, my son has been a little soldier. At the age of seven, he wanted to be a police officer, directing traffic at the intersection when our family crossed the street. At the age of nine, he wanted to become a neurosurgeon, inspired when a family friend was fighting for his life in the hospital.  At the age of fifteen, he wanted to operate a healthcare company. He always wanted to help… to make a difference.”

- Beatriz Guerrero

Mother | Board Secretary

The founder of CSACO, Angel Guerrero, had always harbored a perpetual fascination for unraveling the intricacies of societal dynamics and human health. Upon beginning his university career, he seized the opportunity to immerse himself in a societal environment diametrically different from his upbringing, seeking to grow socially, ideologically, and culturally. He attended Baylor University and choose to study biochemistry to chase a dream he and his parents had, become a neurosurgeon. However, life would send him down a different path.

The Odyssey 

"I experienced prolonged and a diverse set of trauma while experiencing homelessness, addiction, poverty, social isolation/solitary confinement, abuse, and depression. I was mesmerized by the fact that in a matter of months I went from being extroverted, charismatic, and disciplined to being a socially avoidant, depressed, and undisciplined person. I was angry; for years I had sacrificed and worked hard to be in a position where I could help uplift my family from poverty and give them a better future, but then things fell apart. At this point, I thought I would amount to nothing."

- Angel Guerrero

Founder | Board President | Chief Executive Officer

For years, Mr. Guerrero grappled with the symptoms of his emotional, psychological, and physical wounds. He felt trapped in his own body, constantly battling against the control the trauma had over him. As the trauma would go untreated, it would increasingly damage vital aspects of his health in ways he didn't comprehend. However, he found strength once he gave his trauma purpose. He realized the dark times were meant to shape him for a new found purpose. He began to be grateful for the trauma because it gave him wisdom and a deeper level of understanding of various populations in society who are often regarded as less than human. This would allow him to begin his healing journey.

The Healing 

A new found purpose, coupled with a fascination for societal dynamics and human health, fueled a relentless passion to comprehend both the personal and societal factors that led to his trauma. This pursuit aimed to unravel the elements of human health that had been damaged and implement evidenced based practices to heal and fortify these elements of human health. He would begin a road of introspection to study and evaluate a variety of aspects of health, such as spiritual, mental, nutritional, hygienical, financial, physical, medical, social, and ethical health.

"I began with a desire to understand my trauma and start my healing journey. I never anticipated that this journey would lead me to create a human health development program. As I started to open up about my experiences and share the program, it became apparent that others could benefit from my program. Still, more work had to be done before I could offer my program to the same vulnerable groups I had once belonged to."

- Angel Guerrero

Founder | Board President | Chief Executive Officer

He decided to pursue a career as a social entrepreneur and work towards becoming a social scientist and social engineer. He transferred to Southern Methodist University and began studying political science, economics, and sociology. After developing a human health development program to improve the essential elements of human health, he decided to establish a nonprofit organization.  

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