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Until every society is designed for the prosperity of all people

The Center for Societal Aspiration (CSACO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed toward the prosperity of individuals and societies, with a focus to rehabilitate those experiencing addiction, homelessness, or poverty through an intensive and comprehensive methodology encompassing human development, community development, and socially driven technology.

Until everyone is able to access their human Health potential and live their purpose

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive health-based care to foster growth in the essential elements of the livelihood of individuals and their societies while nourishing a healthy, conscientious, and equitable relationship between a society and all of its people.

The Populations We Serve


Texas has the 5th largest homeless population, an estimated homeless population of 25,000 individuals

Nearly 20% of adults reported chronic drinking. About 61% of internet users are addicted.

4.1 million

Texas has a 14.2% poverty rate, an estimated 4.1 million individuals live in poverty

Our Approach


We nurture and propel sustainability in the fundamental elements of human well-being through our Health & Human Services. We offer guidance and opportunities for individuals to discover and fulfill their life's purpose through our Career Services

Human Development


We equip and collaborate with community systems and institutions to establish and uphold structures that foster healthy human development. 

Socially Driven Technology

Through a human and community-centered lens, we leverage artificial intelligence and mobile technology to facilitate, streamline, and enhance interventions, prioritizing agency, privacy, and equity.


Humano Maximus

Set to launch in 2024, Humano Maximus is your health companion, designed to nurture all elements of your health.  Human health development, structural community development, and artificial intelligence & mobile technology are integrated to enable you to take control of your health and be equipped to live your purpose.

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