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Angel Guerrero

Founder | President | CEO

A social entrepreneur and nonprofit professional, possessing expertise in program development, fundraising, and marketing. Throughout his career, he has been honored to dedicate his efforts to supporting diverse underserved and vulnerable communities, including those experiencing homelessness, poverty, and mental health challenges. As an aspiring social scientist and social engineer, he is committed to driving positive change for all individuals and societies. 

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Alonzo Trujillo

Finance Specialist

Prior to joining the Center for Societal Aspirations, I actively volunteered with Accion Comunitaria, a Los Angeles-based non-profit. Growing up in Los Angeles, I faced the challenges that Los Angeles has, such as the homeless crisis and drug epidemic, to witnessing the beauty manifested through community action and food drives. I am now an undergraduate at the University of California, San Diego with the goal being to pursue a career in finance to provide stability for those in need. My commitment to the Center for Societal Aspirations aligns with my mission to contribute to community well-being and global peace by actively serving and engaging with those facing hardships I once faced.

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Gavin Galusha

Software Development Specialist

I am Gavin Galusha, a Tulane University junior majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I blend my tech expertise in data science and web development with a deep commitment to community service. My experience ranges from leading a programming summer camp to developing software at CodeCycle and contributing to Tulane's research projects. My passion truly shines in charity work, and I am adamant about giving back, whether it be through B2Live service trips in Mexico, or volunteering at art centers in New Orleans. Bridging technology and societal impact is at the heart of my endeavors. 

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Madeleine Lucid

Human Resources and Admin Specialist

I am Madeleine Lucid, a junior at Rice University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. My working experience ranges from working at summer camps to working with Social Tech Labs helping in building a social media app. I have the goal of going to graduate school for psychology and pursuing a career in clinical/counseling psychology to provide therapy for teens and young adults. Working with the Center for Societal Aspirations aligns with my career goal and my desire to help those who are dealing with hardships.


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Kamel Barghouti

Corporate Relations Specialist

Kamel Barghouti is a Posse Scholar at the University of Virginia with six months of consulting experience at SEED Consulting Group and Jefferson Consulting Group helping social impact and fortune 500 companies with strategy. Specializing in product management, marketing, and applied economic theory, Kamel leverages his diverse background and perspective to solve complex problems. Over the years, Kamel has cultivated crucial transferable skills, volunteering for over two hundred hours in environmental, humanitarian, and educational endeavors as well as interning at the Commonwealth’s Attorney's Office. His daily habits and long-term aspirations are rooted in service and righteousness.

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Kennedy Hunt

Social Services Specialist

Kennedy Hunt is a fourth-year student at University of Missouri, obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences, with an emphasis in Health and Wellness Services. In her studies, Kennedy is focusing on the application of science within medicine, nutrition, and environmental health. Her interest in healthcare and allied sciences stems from her goal of serving others, especially marginalized communities and groups. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, Ms. Hunt intends to earn her Physician Assistant master's degree. Ms. Hunt is eager to join the Center of Societal Aspiration, and gain more knowledge on project management and data analysis in regards to human health services.

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Maddie Hurley

Marketing and Communication Specialist

Maddie Hurley is a third-year student at the University of Iowa, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication studies, with a focus on advertising, PR, brand management, and business communications. Her studies have prepared her to work in a professional setting whilst using her skills to help herself, others and the company meet goals. Maddie’s goal after graduation is to earn a job within the communication, advertising/marketing, or brand management industries. One of her most recent projects was creating her own brand and website. The website’s goal is to promote reading for adults. Maddie believes in the Center for Societal Aspiration’s values and mission statement.

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Ayesha Toor

Community Relations Specialist

Ayesha Toor is a second-year, Media and Communications major at the University of Washington Bothell. Toor is a previous running start student at the Ocean Research College Academy with Everett Community College, where she developed and presented a research project on “Connections Between Salinity, Temperature, and Plankton in Possession Sound”, while working towards an Associate of Arts and Sciences. Toor previously attended the University of California Davis, before transferring to the University of Washington, and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in August 2024.

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