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Cryptocurrency Gifts

The Center for Societal Aspiration now accepts cryptocurrency. Your tax-deductible gift supports our mission and changes lives.

You will help to rehabilitate people experiencing addiction, homelessness, and poverty until everyone is able to access their human potential and live their purpose, and until every society is designed for the prosperity of all people.

Donating your cryptocurrency to the Center for Societal Aspiration is easy. Select your preferred donation method and support our charity with cryptocurrency. Your cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible. You can donate anonymously if you provide your email.

The IRS classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax and are tax deductible. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. This means that when you donate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit such as the Center for Societal Aspiration, you receive a tax deduction for the value of the crypto, and avoid the capital gains tax you would have paid if you sold the crypto before donating.

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