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Our Initiative 

A personalized health and career development platform, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile technology, is designed to address how trauma and other experiences affect various aspects of our well-being by providing real-time insights into users' well-being progress, personalizing health interventions with evidence-based practices to foster self-sustainability, and assigning one-on-one access to various types of healthcare professionals and career mentors.

Our Comprehensive Programs 

Humano Maximus seamlessly integrates 15 comprehensive programs, each specifically dedicated to either Health & Human Services or Career Services:

Who We Serve

Currently, we serve adults living in Dallas and Tarrant County who are experiencing:


Texas has 1.6 million people struggling with alcohol addiction


Texas ranks 5th in terms of its homeless population, totaling 25,000 individuals


Texas has the 10th highest poverty rate; 4.1 million people live in poverty

We are developing our program to scale in other geographical regions and serve other vulnerable populations.

Humano Maximus, LLC.

A subsidiary of our nonprofit organization, Humano Maximus, LLC., is beginning the journey to develop a version of Humano Maximus to serve the public at large

This social enterprise is rooted in our mission to: "To foster growth in the livelihood of individuals and their societies while nourishing a healthy, conscientious, and equitable relationship between a society and all of its people.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing assistance. If you're interested in accessing our services or have any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us.  Please call us or email us at

+1 (469) 909-7454 or  

For Program Support view our Frequently Asked Questions so we can help you.

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